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Cultures Meet Ireland is a refugee led organisation founded by passionate individuals who are determined to make a difference in their community. Who believe that diversity is strength and that by bringing people from different cultures together, they could create a more vibrant and harmonious society

One of the main goals of the company is to support immigrants integrate into Irish society and provide a platform for communities to share and start conversations about culture.

History Continues...

We also work with local business to promote diversity in the workplace and encourage employers to hire people from different backgrounds. But perhaps the most important work that Cultures Meet Ireland do is fighting Racism & Raising Awareness about the dangers of discrimination and bigoty. We work closely with the Garda and local authorities to ensure that hate crimes are prosecuted and we provide support to victim of racism.

Ireland's community is more open-minded and welcoming toward people from different backgrounds. We proved that by working together, we can create a society that is stronger, more inclusive and free from discrimination.


Cultures Meet Ireland envisions a society that is fair, respects human rights and diversity, and is devoted to giving everyone especially persons from migrant backgrounds the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Cultures Meet Ireland is a Human Rights Organization. We promote and campaign for immigrants ‘ and their families’ Rights, and we catalyze public debate, legal and policy reform

Our Values

The following values inform and motivate the work of Cultures Meet Ireland.

Intergration Resources


We provide job-seeking support, career advice and help with CV and cover letter preparation to assist immigrants in securing employment

We provide resources and support for the mental health and wellbeing of immigrants, including information on counselling services, mindfulness practices and stress management.

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